Creating multiple accounts tied to a main account

Hello All! I am trying to allow a parent to sign up for their account in my app. They enter up to 4 other email addresses where all of those users should be sent a magic link to sign in, with all of these accounts sharing the same data. The issues I’m having is that using softr’s sign up block, it always navigates to the /home page and I need it to navigate to another page, for the user to input the children’s emails. I’m also not sure if it’s best to generate one magic link for everyone or one magic link for each person’s account. Any insight is appreciated.

Would page rules help you with the redirect?

Yes, I’m not sure how i missed that! thank you Mark!

currently, I get the parent to sign up in a softr sign up block, then add their children’s email addresses in a regular form, so they don’t get a magic link. Do you think it’s practical to use one magic link for all of the accounts and limit each user’s data using filters, or is it a better practice to generate a new magic link for each of their children?

Personally, I would have each user having a unique email address and unique Magic Link. This will give you maximal flexibility and options as you move forwards with developing your app. You never know when you might need to create separate user groups for parents and children; also personalised information unique to any user.

Is there a way to generate a magic link and submit it as a hidden field in a form? I don’t see them as an option in the dropdown, but should this be done with custom code or something?

I appreciate your replies Mark!

I use Zapier to handle Airtable-Softr connections to trigger Magic Links to be generated by Softr and passed back to Airtable.

ok I will check that out. Thank you!