Creating event marketplace with Softr - can it be done?

I want to build an event marketplace - one one side there are event organizers and on the other are potential participants.
After familiarizing myself with Softr it’s still not clear to me if I can have separate permissions for each organizers so that person has only access to their own profile and the events they organize. Let’s say there is 100s of organizers each of them needs to have access only to their profile and being able to add and edit their own events only.
Please help me understand if that’s doable?

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Hi @nat

Welcome to the community! Yes, this is 100% doable with Softr.

I’d suggest trying out this template:

Even if you don’t want to use it, I’d use the template above, and review how the Airtable base is setup for multiple user roles (organizer, participants, and admins).

Then, within the Softr template, you can also see how the listing and list detail pages are using conditional filtering for the data sources to ensure only the right date is shown to the right users.

Hope this helps you get started on your journey!

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Hi @Jjenglert thanks a lot for clearing this up and providing a template!

Hi @Jjenglert. How would you verify emails with this marketplace?

Hi @Ben

For this, I would personally add a field to my user table called "email-verified? with a single select, yes or no value.

Then, when a new user is created (via an Airtable automation) to send an email to the user. And within the email, to include a button link that would send the user to a page that had a button on it, and when they clicked that button, it would update the value of the “email-verified” field to “yes”.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. Sounds like it would work, but how do we keep unverified email addresses from populating in our apps and databases before your process. Sounds like a lot of email addresses potentially inundating Users tables regardless if they are authenticated or not, not to mention excessive automations and emails sent.

Depending on the type of app that you’re creating, this normally isn’t a problem. But you can also make them “Locked out” until they verify their email address by using our page redirection rules.

Im assuming you still have to capture each email address though? Thats another User in your Softr Users section and record in your database Users table that has to be dealt with, regardless of whether or not they have access to content.

Sure, but this is not normally a problem for most. Softr can handle many, many users. It’d be best to think about your problem, and the best way to solve it first. Then provide the technical solution to it second, in my opinion.

Ideally, Softr should authenticate and verify email addresses BEFORE they are added to our tables, especially when Softr’s pricing plans are determined by the number of users in builders’ apps.

For instance, when an email address is entered into a sign up block, that email address should not be added to builders’ users tables until an email verification link has been used or verification code has been submitted by the recipient.

Things will start changing the day softr delivers the sync users to airtable view, which I believe is work in progress.

Curious to know how this would keep unauthenticated emails from arriving in our user tables @acjnas?

You will have the option to manually decide (or work an automated logic) which of yours emails from your users table will be synced to softr.

As 2-way sync stands now, with Softr sign up, users are added as a Softr user before they are synced to database. Softr would have to bypass their users section and send them directly to a particular database view that is chosen to sync with Softr users?

The last I heard is that is not going to be ‘view’ based but filter based.

New users registration cant avoid to be entered into softr systems if you make the registration process as a native regular form mapped to your users table rather than using common signup form.

You must first signup users into your airtable users table.

So no Softr Sign Up?

Sorry I probably missunderstood.

I thought you were asking for some kind of custom validation before adding an user as user in softr systems.