Creating a Softr app with a discussion feature

The ease of Softr is attracting me in needing to build this community experience where there is
– A database of profiles
– A place for discussion to happen (kind of like a forum)
– Paid memberships

Is any of this possible with Softr or will I need to integrate something?

Hello @riley,

Thanks for using Softr.

This can be done with Softr easily.

  1. You can have your base of users and create profiles. You can add users yourself or add a Signup form to allow them registering.
  2. Currently we do not have a native option for forum, perhaps a workaround would be installing our Comments block (please, note that editing and deleting options will be available soon) or embedding Disqus.
  3. For the details of Paid Membership please, check this article.

Let me know if you have questions.

Here is a valuable workaround: How I built a 1-1 chat app using Softr and Airtable - YouTube