Creating a multi product cart in Softr (w/o Stripe)

Hi there,
I’m building (and it sounds a bit like a challenge actually) a small e-shop connected to Airtable and Xero. I need to be able build a cart with a product list that I’ll send to Xero, then it will generate a purchase order on its own. No payment, so Stripe Cart is not an option for me… BUT I’d like to set this up for logged in users.
Has anyone around here tried this out? Is this possible with Softr’s native features or should I go straight to custom coding?
thanks !

Hey @Leap,

I thought of a workaround, let me introduce it to you.

So, actually Softr does not have a native feature for a Shopping cart.

My assumption is that if you setup this workaround to save/favourite items, then perhaps setting some automation on Airtable + Zapier you will be able to send them to Xero.

Let me know if you have questions.

Hey Suzie, thanks for the answer. I’ll look into that workaround and let you know if I succeed :slight_smile:

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Hey @Leap,

You are welcome :slight_smile: