Creating a HUB + more

I’m new and building my apps. And here is what I am needing and hoping someone can help. I use Airtable. I keep building apps, but need them all to work together.

I’m a staffing company that uses outside contractors. I have several groups set up based off their role. I would like certain groups to write and close their own job postings and only see their own leads they get from these ads. Plus I want these jobs to post to my website (using a job posting app). Another group wont be writing ads, just working certain leads. They will also be attending training courses and doing their onboarding.

  1. Would it be best if I manually entered all the guest users in Softr or leave them in my airtable data?
  2. I will be using several different databases in my airtable.
  3. If I use a custom domain, how does that work if I ONLY want the job board to show up on my website, not anything else?
  4. Would it be better to just build from scratch and add all the blocks? or use several templates?
  5. Can I use connect templates? If so, how?

My ideal app is to have a HUB with everything on it. I currently have several apps built and have different access to different groups on the menus they see when they log in. I did have a database with just my users and connected it, but then when building the job posting app it didn’t work correctly because I needed the users name to show up on the job posting Database so I could connect the candidate that applied to that job to show up for that user to work. So I feel like I am just going in circles now.