Creating a Blog on a Softr/Airtable site


I’d like to create a blog on my new Softr/Airtable site. Has anyone done this? How? Any tips appreciated! Thanks

Different people mean different things by the word “blog.”

If you mean you want to have a page that has links to some articles, the Softr docs show how to do that.

Some people also mean a great deal more technical details by the word “blog” – if that describes you, please reply to say so and I can answer more questions about it.

Hi, Thanks for the reply! We’ve been sending monthly Newsletters which have spotlights on our vendors as well as cultural events happening in our city, and general company news and updates. We’d like to have a place on our new softr site for the archive of those mailers with live links and images, and also a space where we can continue to post timely content.

This platform, and airtable are both wholly new to me and I don’t yet know the parameters. The company I work for produces pop-up artisan markets and the primary function of the new site is to ease application processing and vendor management/invoicing, etc. I think it’s going to be great for that, but we’ve lost some features in the jump and I’m working on adding them back.

For your use case I think the approach I linked to above will be fine.