Create custom buttons with links that are connected to airtable and visible depending on airtable

Hi everyone and thank you for all your other help to the community @artur ,

I am completely stuck on this one.

I have a list for client applications where each client needs to complete certain google forms as part of their application. I want to click on an item button on in the list that pulls up in modal view a new page. Currently that new page has a list details so I believe it is connected to the other list.

Now, I want to create buttons in custom code that open links. There are 6 buttons needed to open 6 different forms. However, each application has a field called forms, which is a multiselect of what out of the 6 forms they need to create. In airtable, I have create fields called form1 through form6, that are formula fields are contain the link to the form if that value is in the ‘forms’ field and blank if not.

So, I need to show only the buttons for the respective form if that user is supposed to complete that form, i.e the form number is in the multiselect field in the forms field in airtable. Ive outlined the steps I think I need to make

  1. Pull the data from airtable or the list details
    1.1 If pulling from airtable filter by client email equal to {LOGGED_IN_USER:EMAIL} and FormComplete field equal to ‘Incomplete’
  2. Show the corresponding survey buttons based on the items in the ‘forms’ field (i.e. if 1,4 is selected then only show button 1,4)
  3. The CSS for the buttons

Thank you for the help everyonre!