Create a user with Make - RuntimeError

Since yesterday, the automation on Make which creates a new user is always “Runtime Error 400”. How can I fix it ?

Hello @Agil,

It’s difficult to say, I will DM you to ask for a few more questions to think how I can help.

Hello @Suzie, yes please !

@Agil do you still face the issue ? can you share the app domain ?

Yes… it’s not working. The app domain :

@Agil can you pls make sure to use application owner’s or collaborator’s API key ? seems now guest user’s API key is used and we allow only app owner or collaborator to add users via API

I just check ; we use the Softr API key of the owner.

@Agil do you mind DM-ing me the payload you are sending ?

What is the payload ?
I don’t know how to send you a DM… :confused:

@Agil can you do one more test and share if it still fails and please share the message or screenshot too

I just tried ; same fail, same message…

{“type”:“INVALID_VALUE_FOR_COLUMN”,“message”:“Field \“Nom Prénom\” cannot accept a value because the field is computed”}}”

Nom Prénom field is a formula and it can not be written from API.

Thanks. I change it for “Nom” (single line text) ; it’s also not working…

Hey @Agil,

Just to double check, did you change the Nom Prenom field? I asked this since you mentioned you have changed Nom.

Thanks for your message ; the problem was in Softr : I changed “Nom Prénom” by "Nom in make but not in Softr. I eddited the Airtable connexion, it’s working now !!

Thanks à lot for your help !

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