Create a random image for "Image field" of a new task

Hi folks:

I was trying to figure out the nice way to create a random image about a new task and places it inside of image field of softr, My challenge is that each time a task is created and withouth doing it manually the seller do nothing, just get a new image on this new line. I used the AI block and this “Random Image From Search Term” from unsplash url but I am not able to get the result that I want

Any ideas?

Hey @raul_lopez, to clarify do you mean that you want the images to be created automatically as soon as a new task is created?


Dear @raul_lopez, thanks for the clarification. Currently, we do not have such a feature. But I added your message as a suggestion to our feature requests list to consider when planning further app updates.

Hi @raul_lopez , this may be possible by setting up an automation in your Airtable base that adds an image when a record is created.

Thank you very much @rhinonix for mentioning it. Yep, it should be possible to achieve this use case by using Airtable Automations.

Thanks @rhinonix the issue it is that I wanted to create images by AI, because there is an option about getting them randomly. But I am gonna try it with Airtable´s way. Thanks a lot