Create a button with a phone number for each user

Hi guys !
I’m trying to fill a button with a phone number, but the number is different for each user.
I already have the phone number for each user in my airtable (I got them with a sign up form).
I ask chatgpt and he tells me to insert tel:{my_data_base_name.Number_phone_column} but it doesn’t work.
If you have some ideas for me, I will take them !


Would it be a solution to use a formula field in airtable to create the correct HTML string for the number to be dialled on click/tap?

< a href = "tel:123-456-7890" >123-456-7890</ a >

< a href = "tel:123-456-7890p123" >CLICK TO CALL</ a >

Then you use any dynamic block in Softr to reference this field and display it as you like. Perhaps needing to use CSS for formatting as a button, if the Softr styling options do not go far enough for you.