Copy to Custom Code but wired response

Dear All,

Come across a wired situation and hope to see if any expert could give an insight!

Have a look at the 20 seconds vedio below, you will see those copied items on the form go “vanish” when I touch other parts of the form. This is like a pain in my neck, since the code is ready but it can’t be deployed to execute.

@matthieu_chateau Have u come across with this kind of situation? Actually, I know the UI is not really pleasant but this has a practical concern. I need to have all details completed in one page.

Appreciate kind help! :pray:


Unfortunately there is not so much I can do here. It’s impossible to solve the issue without being inside your app. This is up to the Softr customer service to do it.
You can reach out to them inside the Softr Studio and then ask them to enter your app as a collaborator so they can dig in properly.

@matthieu_chateau Actually, I did let them in but finally, I was being advised that it is regarding customs code, so I need to fix it myself. However, according to what you have observed, it is something fundamental which require Softr’s effort in their side?

I followed their instruction as per below said, but still the same situation.

use this code instead to prefill/input Form values:

Make sure to have all the mentioned fields in the code mapped on the Form and set the actual field name that you have your field mapped to, not the Label and of course, replace the block name with your block name in 2 applicable places.

@Viktoria , could you please have a look at this and see if any assitance cld be rendered to me?

I never saw this before.
In order to solve it, it needs a complete overview of the page + all custom codes in it. It might take time :sweat_smile:

@Viktoria Could it be possible to have yr engineer looking into this? Those codes has been done by an experienced developer, this issue seems to be something behind the scene which we can’t work out from user side. Pls enlighten us.