Copy page from an app to other apps


I’d like to put in a feature request to copy a page (with all blocks on that page) to another app. I have an app that serves as my dev environment. Once a page and it’s blocks + functionality is developed and tested, we want to copy the new page to all new apps. Some pages have 5-10 blocks on it so being able to just copy the whole page would be time saving. Thanks!

Hi @rebeccajane I will add your feature request to the improvements list so that you can copy the whole page at once. Currently we do have an option to copy the blocks from one app to another one by one though I think you already know about it Block Actions – Softr Help Docs

Hi @Maria thanks for your message. Yes I know I can copy the block over to another app but this removes all the conditional visible on action buttons so it’s not a viable option for us to use.

Can you please let me know if the blocks can be copied over to another base within the action button visibility being completely removed? Or when we will be able to copy a whole page to another app (again without losing any conditional visibility on action buttons).

Given we cannot copy blocks to another app without all the conditions being removed, this feature request is now extremely important to us so I would appreciate an update.