Copy or import block settings


Some of the new blocks, in particular the ones that contain action buttons, don’t allow to be updated in the studio and instead a new block is added below the old one.
But my blocks contain a lot of customizations in terms of fonts, text sizes, spaces, images… it is a nightmare everytime I need to update one the the blocks because these means many hours just looking for the customaizations and manually recreate them. At the end I’m not using some of the new buttons as don’t have the time to update everything.

I’m wondering if there is a way to copy the settings from one block to the new one, an import setting feature or something similar.

thanks for your help!

Hi @MarsTech when the block hasn’t been updated for a long time, meaning that the version is too old and a new feature is released, that is when the new block is added as you try to update it. The block will still be functional even on the old version unless you need to use newly released features such as action buttons. I understand how inconvenient it might be for you and unfortunately there is no option to copy paste the settings from one block to another at the moment, however, I will go ahead and add it as a feature request :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Maria,

Ok thanks for clarifying it and for making it a feature request!

best regards,

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Thank you for the suggestion, Mars