Cookie consent - GDPR


I have started testing Softr to create some web projects in the future. Now I’m creating a test page to see how it works and what functionalities the platform has. I am in a territory where GDPR applies. It is mandatory to have a cookie information banner that allows to block or allow cookies. Cookies cannot be installed without the user’s explicit consent. I’m looking in the settings and I don’t see this option to enable, is this functionality included in your platform?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Anna,
You need to use an external service to do so.
Here is the documentation: Iubenda Cookie Solution

Note that any Cookie information banner provider can work (by pasting the little code they provide)

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Hi Matthieu, hi Anna,

thanks for this thread. The Iubenda Cookie Solution won’t be 100 % GDPR compliant within a free plan, right? Or is it somehow possible to implement a real cookie consent with GTM (user rejects cookies and no cookie is set) without buying the basic plan?