Converting Chat GPT output to rich text? Styling, Formatting

My website I’m building gives an output of Chat GPT.

The output is in plain text and therefore looks quite cluttered (it’s a long output which really would do well to have title tags, bold, bullet points, basic formatting etc.)

I’ve tried to control it in the prompt but that is a bit unpredictable and still looks pretty cluttered and unprofessional.

So my question is, how does one convert that plain text to rich text? I note on the chat gpt platform, whilst it’s limited still does offer bold, italics, bullet points so something is going on there.

I’ve asked chat gpt and it insists that the output is plain text and is changed via the platform. I’ve asked if it submits in HTML markdown, it does not. And the problem is that once the plain text is submitted, then the hint of formatting is lost without manual intervention.

So then you need an automated markdown converter or a html converter that can automate the styling based on certain patterns in the text.

For eg: “apple, pear, banana” is in the text, it can see a pattern and convert it to bullet points.

Anyone know how this could be done?

To be clear, the output goes to an Airtable field (i notice in plain text, regardless of ‘rich text’ being enabled) then goes to the website - all via

I did a workaround which basically prompted the api to output in markdown. that seems to have done the trick

Hey, thanks for updating us!