Conventional Search Bar

Greetings no code coders;). The code below makes the search bar function more like a conventional search in that items populate when search terms are entered, however the list of items that populates disappears from the parent list once an item is selected and the details are opened in the same tab. The code is useful, but not user friendly when a user wants to return to the parent list from an item’s details and the list is not there. Can this code be modified so the items do not disappear from the parent list, for instance when an item’s details are opened in the same tab and in a modal?

Hey @Ben,

Thank you for all the details, I need some time to run the code on my end and see this behaviour. I’ll try that surely and check with the tech team if we can modify it.

Meanwhile if you have a page where the code is implemented, please share it with me.

Hi Suzie. I’ve reconfigured my app to open a page from the parent list in another tab so you wouldn’t be able to see this issue currently. However, if someone could modify it as described in my initial posting here, I will reconfigure my app back to open details in the same tab or in a modal, since it would be a better user journey. Thank you.

Hey @Ben,

Ok, I will do the setup and see is what you ask can be done or not :slight_smile: