Content ( Videos, downloadable PDFs, Audios, etc)

Hi! I am creating a membership account that has a basic package (free) and a subscription package (paid). I have 5 different topics that each customer gets access to: audioa, videos, PDFa, downloadable content, saving documents. Each area comes with 10 different things. For example the video section comes with 10 videos, the audio section comes with 10 audios etc. Each month a new one will be added to the main category.

As you can understand this is a lot of content. Even at 7xs size the thumbnail on the phone takes up the whole screen, which is another problem. Right now I have it so you can see 3 thumbnails per category before you hit see more. When using your phone you only get to see one thumbnail and have to scroll to hit see more or the next category. Thats A LOT of scrolling.

I was wondering if there is a way I can create a content library in each category that goes across the screen so instead of scrolling up and down they scroll across, which would create more room for me and be less overwhelming for my customers. I attached a sample photo to this as well.

Thank you in advance for your help! I really do appreciate it!


Hey @gcasazza ,

Unfortunately it is not possible for now. But I will add it as a feature request :slight_smile: