Content unmaps when block updated

When I updated an inbox list block all of the content became unmapped. Makes me VERY reluctant to update blocks.

Hey @Ben,

We will check this issue on our end surely, I will keep you posted once having an update on this.

Hey Ben,

I discussed with the team, can I please ask you to do a loom where you clone old one update and demo the state?

This will help us a lot.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Suzie. I’ve restored a version of the app before I updated the inbox block in question. However, this old restored version is not asking me to update that block again. So, I’m not sure what I can show you, since I don’t get an update notification from previously restored versions.

All I can say is, when I updated an inbox block with 2 feature updates (with no changing of Airtable fields) it unmapped all of the content in that block. I also updated a similar inbox block, around the same time, that had only 1 feature update and it seemed to work fine.

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I see @Ben, thanks for the details, we’ll try to continue our tests until we are able to reproduce the issue and then fix it.

Another Inbox Block randomly unmapped its content. I did not change the datasource or other fields in the Softr studio or Airtable. JFYI, there are other Inbox Blocks on this app with the same configuration where the content has remained mapped. Also, when I restore yesterday’s version the Inbox Block in question is mapped correctly and all of the configured fields’ content is mapped correctly.

Please provide an explanation and solution ASAP. I’m reluctant to keep configuring, let alone use, the Inbox Block with these kinds of issues.

@Ben Is there a test page you can add us as a collaborator so we can check ? we are not able to reproduce this yet

Never added collaborators before. Not sure how to do that yet.

I duplicated a different inbox block with the same configuration as the inbox block that unmapped its content randomly. The duplicated inbox block has the exact same data source settings and has correctly mapped its content, for now. My impression is that the unmapped inbox block had too many bugs in the first place and as I would upgrade it since the original release, it continues to break. I’ve had other bug issues with the inbox block since its release as well.

Hey Ben, the issue has been fixed now. If you face anything strange again, please let us know, we continue improvements on the block.

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Thanks Levon. Not sure who you are, but I’m assuming you work for Softr in some capacity? Just want to reiterate that it is a scary predicament when, for no reason, blocks randomly drop field content from a mapped data source. Appreciate the follow up.

Hi Ben. I am QA engineer in Softr.
Yes, Ben I can see that it can be frustrating but we try hard to fix such kind of issues and always prioritize them.
If you notice anything wrong just mention me or Suzie.

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Hi Levon. The inbox block still needs finishing:

Hey Ben, thanks for sharing.

Will check with Levon and give an update :slight_smile:

Hey @Ben,

We are in the process of fixing issues with the dynamic blocks. Please note that The matter is that the team has put all their effort into the release of Action Buttons option. This is a long waited feature and we have some limitations with implementing new features and fixing other issues.

I will keep you posted once we finally have news regarding the mentioned issues.

Thanks Suzie. Appreciate the explanation. Sounds like you’re all spread thin.

I would share more info when I find Softr issues, but like your Dev/QA team, I don’t have the time to go through all of them with all of the screen shares, loom videos, and collaboration sharing every time I find one. It actually takes a very long time to create a useful app, even when everything works! I will though when it’s prudent.

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Thanks Ben, I am trying to reproduce these issues myself. So I hope that we’ll be able to fix them soon.

Thanks. JFYI, device visibility doesn’t always reflect the corresponding settings, at least in the preview mode when there are multiple list blocks on a page.

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Thanks for the info @Ben,

Just to make clear, do you press on “get sharable link” when you are in preview?

Yes. The device visibility from a shared link seems to work on my mobile phone right now. However, configuration can be very confusing when you expect your device visibility settings to be reflected in preview mode when they don’t.

I will check this with the team and keep you informed.