Content lost - How to restore an earlier version?

Hey there, I have an issue and would appreciate your help.

This morning, I worked (from the train) on an existing site and changed just some text within a block. After publishing the site, it is empty now. I lost the content.

Is there any way to restore an earlier version?

Thanks in advance for your advice,


Hello @abarthels,

There isn’t a native option to bring the lost content back.

Can I please ask you to contact support via chat? We will need some more details and perhaps there will be a way to bring it back.


Hey Suzie, thank you for reaching out to me. I have already solved my problem. But it would be great (feature request) to have a versioning an be able to go back to earlier versions. Kind regards, André


Versioning is in the roadmap if I’m correct :wink:

Anyway, yes, this is a very, very (very) important feature to have.

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Sure, I will add this as a feature request @abarthels

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