Content for Google Maps field

Does anyone know what the “Google maps” field expects as content to load properly? Can’t find any documentation on it from Softr.


Anyone from Softr?

Hey @Fizzle,

I just tested with Airtable formula and it displays the values, what’s the issue on your end, when you connect to formula isn’t it displayed?

Hey! Thanks for looking into this.
I mean I don’t understand how the field works.

What I expected is that I create a field in Airtable that has latitude and logitude and values and the field shows a Google Map that has these coordinates. Does it do something else? Do I need to have an embed URL or something instead?

Hey @Fizzle,

It’s meant for displaying the iframe copied from Google Maps. Your assumptions are correct.

I was confused a bit from the first screenshot :slight_smile:

Sorry, thanks!

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Ok, but still, what format does the embed code need to be? No documentation and Google’s recommended format doesn’t work.

Google recommends:

  frameborder="0" style="border:0"

However, when making the request my website gets a 400 Bad Request error.

Makes no difference if the API key is restricted or not. Is this the format Softr expects for the Google Map field type? Would help me debug this further.

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Did you manage to get it working?