« contains » : enhanced filtering functionality in list-detail blocks

I am writing to discuss some limitations and potential improvements in the List-Detail blocks on your platform.

My primary concern is the absence of the ‘contains’ filtering function, which is a standard feature in tools like Airtable and commonly available in many JavaScript scripts. This functionality is crucial for conditional filtering and displaying content directly from the database, particularly for user interactions with records in an Airtable base without needing a junction table. This integration would significantly benefit the user experience of the studio, leveraging the no-code capabilities of Softr.io for my users.

Additionally, I’d like to point out an issue with the “is one of” filtering option. The problem here is that it doesn’t allow for flexibility in the format of the content it references. For instance, in my “users” table, there might be a field linked to the main table containing multiple records. This main table includes a link and a rollup separated by commas using ARRAYJOIN(values, ‘,’). The ‘contains’ functionality would simplify managing this data, allowing for more nuanced filtering based on partial matches within the rolled-up data.

I suspect that the current design might encourage the use of “is one of” for linked fields, but this approach lacks the flexibility needed for more complex data relationships and user interactions.

Could you clarify whether the ‘contains’ functionality is currently unsupported and if there are plans to include it or improve the “is one of” functionality for more flexible data handling?

Thank you for your attention to this matter,


Hi @lea, yes you got it right. Since rollup technically creates one value but just separated with a comma and in that case is one of condition indeed will not filter correctly. So I will add it as a feature request to add the contains condition