Connecting members


I am trying to build a directory of private tutors, where students can come and find the best tutor to help them.

I chose the template, after waiting for a best template to come out (service marketplace), but as it is still on the roadmap, I decided to start with

I would need a big clarification about connecting members to my platform.

  1. Is it possible to set up a connection portal with the free plan on Softr?
  2. What is the difference between SSO through OpenID or through SAML? I would like to use Outseta with Softr but Outseta is based on OpenID and Softr is based on SAML. If I understand correctly. If I don’t, please advise me.
  3. If I start my platform without a connection portal (members post their ads through a form) is it possible to set up the portal later to allow members to edit their ads?

Any help is welcome.

Also, this part is unclear to me :

Capture d’écran 2022-02-02 à 14.30.01


Regarding the screenshot you have attached, 5 members are for testing purposes, this means that only 5 members can register in your application, in higher plans we allow 10.000 and 100.000 user registrations.

The difference between SSO through OpenID and SAML is the technology behind. Perhaps there is a way to inject Outseta’s code into Softr, but I don’t think that’s something worth doing as it will turn many Softr usage classic scenarios impossible.

If you display those ads (added by your members) and allow block editing, the members (or user groups you create) will be able to edit the info surely.