Confirmation of new user account via own e-mailaddress?

Hi community,.

Question: does anyone know a possibility to combine the sign-up functionality in Softr with a signal to Make automation (to have the user account - and possibly password - confirmed from a **non-**Softr-emailaddress)?

There’s two general ways (that I know of) to create new users in Softr:

  1. Sign-up in Softr itself, which ONLY has the possibility to send a confirmation from a Softr e-mailaddress (but that doesn’t look professional).
  2. Sign-up via Make automation tool, which easily let you create a new Softr user account (including a temporary password) and confirmation from any e-mailaddress. But the down side is that there’s not a readily available sign-up page in Softr that will also directly sign-in.

Note: sure there is the possibility of running an automation in the Airtable database, but that requires a script that I hope can be avoided.