Conditional/User-Specific Embed Code


Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

We are trying to embed iframes into a client portal. The iframe is a Clickup dashboard embed. The embed needs to be specific to the user - so the user only sees their company’s Clickup dashboard. The iframe looks and works fantastically using the custom code block, BUT it is not user specific.

How can we make an iframe user/company specific? Typically, we use the conditional filter setting with other dynamic blocks. However, the custom code block doesn’t have that option (and you would still need to call the specific Airtable field in the custom code)

In Airtable, we’ve added a new field for the iframe URL where we’ll add each company’s respective iframe code for their dashboard. But how do we call this properly inside of Softr?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

Hi @FEStudios and welcome to the community!

The way to do this is typically to pass parameters into the embed, by putting them on the URL that the iframe is loading. This is very much dependent on the thing being embedded.

So your path looks like:

  1. Read the ClickUp docs to find out how to pass in parameters on the URL
  2. Figure out where in the Softr page the parameter’s values live
  3. Add them to the URL in the iframe

It’s also possible that the ClickUp embed gets parameters a different way, not on the URL. That’ll be in their documentation.

If you can find out the answers to #1 above and then post the raw HTML/JavaScript you’re using in the custom code block, then we can help you with syntax.