Conditional Logic in Table blocks

Hi Softr community,

Does anyone have experience in Conditional Logic in Tables - or know if it’s possible? I can’t seem to find an answer that it is.

Use Case

  • We have a table block that we want logged in users to populate.
  • The Table block will be set up with a Conditional filter to only show the logged in user’s records, or if there’s none (likely to be the case initially) - they can add records and populate all the fields.
  • There are some fields that we want to only display if a particular option is chosen in a Single Select (I also can’t see Single Select being an option for the Table block like it is in AirTable)… eg. Residential is selected from the ‘Asset Type’ field, then the fields ‘Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Carparking’ fields display for the user to input numbers.

Is conditional logic to display/hide fields based on the selection/input in other fields possible in Softr??

We really want to build out a webapp for customers to log in and populate data in table format that they can then export to PDF at the click of a button (that will no doubt be a webhook with Integromat/Make, because it’s not an in-house feature in Softr, yet…).

Any assistance, leads, advice is greatly apprecaited!


Hey @jazmin,

Firstly, please let me mention that conditional logic is supported for the table block as well :slight_smile:

Now, about the use case, do I get right that you want exact users not to be able to edit some fields within the table?

If yes, you will need to setup custom user group with permissions.

Can I please ask you to confirm if you need this and add some more details about the flow, for me to be able to help?

P.S. display/hide fields based on selection is not possible yet. :slight_smile:

Hi Suzie.

The display/hide fields based on a user’s selection is what we’re after. i.e. User selects ‘residential’ in a dropdown/single select field, and then 3 other fields display for them to input data into. All within a table block.

If that type of conditional logic is not possible yet, is there any suggested workarounds about how to achieve this user experience? We are trying to get users to populate various pages of data.

But yes that is correct, we do only want users to populate some fields within the table. Other fields will are formula fields or are not meant to be updated by the logged in user. So I will later set up custom user groups with permissions for this piece.


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Hey @jazmin,

Unfortunately, the feature is not available now, but the good news is that we have received many requests for implementing this feature.

So there is a hope that it will be available in one of future releases. Currently, I cannot give you any timeline on when it will be ready, but I will make sure to post it public when there is any exact info about it.

For now, perhaps you can use Inline Filters and setting different tables with different data each assigned to a separate User group.