Conditional Items in Dropdown List

HI, I am trying to limit the list of items that appear in a drop down based on user group. I have seen another topic on this but couldn’t make anything work.

I basically need to take a list that might be 10 items, but not show some of those items if the user does not have permission to see them (not in that group).

I am using this drop down as a filter in a list block. I have tried “global restrictions” but it does not change the items that appear in the drop down. If they click on an item in the drop down they do not have access to, the results will not appear, so that part is working.

I just dont want them to see the option in the list at all.

Can anyone help?

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Hi there, there are two ways to do this:

First, add the conditional filters to the listing block (takes care of most situations). Then implement Global restrictions for best protection. If it’s still showing after that, then your logic for your conditional filters or restrictions is not correct.

This should prevent from your user seeing that option in the list. Any more trouble, let me know.