Conditional Form Routing

I would like to route someone to a specific page based on their responses to a form. There is a pre-check form that lets folks know if they are eligible to apply to our official application. Submissions are stored in Airtable. If they are eligible (formula field), they should be routed to our official application, if not, a different page.

Since we can’t map to buttons (otherwise I could leverage my formula field) I tried making each submission a user of my Softr app and the submission button opens a page that shows the official application block if logged in user has an eligibility score of 1, or a different block if logged in user’s score is 2, etc. The issue is that they aren’t automatically logged in when they submit their form and so are routed to an empty page.

Does anyone have a hack for routing forms?

Hi @Dominique not sure whether there is any hack but with our current Form blocks it might not be possible since they don’t have conditional logic which we are planning to add in the future. As an alternative, you can use Jotform for now it does have conditional logic and embed it into our Custom Code block