Conditional Filters on Kanban

Hey lovely community, I am facing a problem when it comes to filtering in Kanban lists.
Situation general:
We are a recruitment company and use Airtable internally and Softr for client interaction.

Situation Airtable:
We have 4 tables:

  1. Candidates
  2. Clients
  3. Jobs (each job is linked to one client. Fields: Job Title (Text), Client (Link to Clients), Title (Formula: Job Title + Client)))
  4. Pipeline (mostly used as kanban to see which candidates are in what stage for what job. One candidate can be in different stages for different jobs at the same time. Fields: stage (single select), Candidate (Link to Candidates), Job (Link to Jobs) and some additional lookup fields).

Situation Softr:
I created 2 pages:
A) A list page showing all Jobs
B) A Kanban page displaying the (total) Pipeline (separated by stage)).

What I want to do on Softr:
When clicking on a job on the List page (A), I want to open a Kanban view only seeing the relevant records (meaning filtered by the Job).
Therefore, I added an Action on A (Scroll to B) and added a Conditional Filters on B (Job is Jobs Title (I also tried some other ones)).

However, when I publish it and click on a Job on page A, B doesn’t show results (even though there should be some.

Can someone help me out on this one?