Conditional Filters <---> Inline Filters

Hello Softr community,

I have a list of “Property Owners”
A “Property Owner” can have one or more “Properties”
I want to create a summary of KPIs for each Property Owner
On the KPIs I want them to be able to filter by Property

But I don’t want them to see every other Property Owner’s properties on their filter selection.

Shouldn’t the inline filters mask the available filter options based on the Conditional Filters?

Thank you,

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Hey dvarela welcome!

No, the inline filters that you define on your table aren’t filtered by conditional filters.

You could eventually duplicate the block, make custom inline filters and hide the duplicated block depending on your conditional filters.

Hi @dvarela and welcome!

I like to think of it this way. Conditional filters run before the page is displayed, so records that don’t pass the conditional filters aren’t returned to the browser at all. Inline filters run after the page is displayed, so records are on the page but shown or hidden according to the user selections.

Hello @acjnas thank you for the workaround, but that doesn’t really do it, does it?
You end with a bunch of “garbage” blocks with “no results” until you have your own block. It also does not prevent you from seeing the names of the other properties in the other blocks filters, even if they display no records.

@dcoletta that thinking is not flawed but then in the inline filters, I wouldn’t like to see a filter for options who didn’t even pass the conditional filter.

Airtable Interfaces do this perfectly.

Ah, gotcha. That’s a feature request! Hopefully @suzie or others can pick that up from here.


Thanks for your feedback, this is a requested feature, indeed.

Will add another + for this option right away :slight_smile:
Thanks for mentioning @dcoletta :smiling_face:

I just ran into this issue and was about to +1. As a workaround though I created a new view, and just filtered on that from the beginning. Would that solve your issue?

(I realized the workaround as I was writing my response! :smiling_face:)

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Os then are you creating a different view for each of your users? How are you getting softr to display thet users view?

I’m not creating a new view for each user. The view is tied to the block. If I want to create a new view for each user, I’d need to create a block for each user. In that case, I prefer to create a new page for each user, but then it’s only half-dynamic, no?

“You could eventually duplicate the block, make custom inline filters and hide the duplicated block depending on your conditional filters”

how would you do this if you don’t mind explaining ?


Suppose the goal is to limit the items the property owner can access, based on the ‘ownership’. In that case, you should set this condition as conditional filters, stating that the system should only display properties associated to the current users email session.

ah ok thanks

@dvarela might not be ideal but another approach would be to show KPIs as lists of Property + KPIs . Do users have big lists here ?

We don’t have conditional filters on inline filters :slight_smile: yet…