Conditional Filters from URL Parameters

Hi there! Would it be possible to allow conditional filters to accept url parameters, similar to how can be set for in-line filters?

Use case: Imagine a rental listing page where the user searches locations on the home page from a list block. The user selects a city to view relevant listings, which has an action to direct the user to a URL in Airtable containing a city-specific URL parameter(s). The user is directed to a listings page showing a list block with a conditional filter set to the city.

There was a hack discussed at one point using a hidden details block, but I have not been able to get this to work consistently, and it slows down page load time considerably.

Hey @tjm5081

I think this should be working fine out of the box with linked lists Linked List – Softr Help Docs

If the user goes into a page with specific rental from NY you can have a list of other renatls from NY as linked list without any URL param need