Conditional Fields on Detail View

Hello all! This is similar to the requests for conditional form fields and conditional list fields. However, I think it would also be very valuable to be able to set conditions for list details.

A potential use case: let’s say that I want to give a user the ability to either upload a document as a file, or to link to a URL of that same document. Currently, I need to show both fields, since either one of them could be filled, but by default the other field will always be empty. This gives the page a somewhat messy design:

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 10.11.03 AM

Instead, I could set a condition stating that if one field contains a value, hide the other field. Or I could set a condition saying that if a field is empty, hide that field.

Hey, thanks a lot for your suggestion, it will definitely help our users to build even more powerful websites. I added your message to our feature requests list to consider when planning further app updates.

Awesome! Thanks, Marine :slight_smile:

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