Conditional Dropdown in Forms

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I have created a Softr form which creates new records in the “Jobs” table of my Airtable database but I got stuck with an important UX problem. To provide some context:

  • The “Jobs” table comprises of various fields including the Location and the Job_Type fields, which are linked to the “Company_Locations” table and the “Job_Types” table respectively.
  • The records of both the “Company_Locations” table and the “Job_Types” table include a “Company” field, which is linked to the “Companies” table.
  • Each User belonging to the “Business” user group belongs to a “Company”; the Company field is part of the Users table and is linked to the “Companies” table.
  • The Softr form prompts the User to select the Location and Job_Type from a dropdown synced with the datasource which is mapped to the corresponding fields in the Jobs table.

Problem: I’d like to hide the Location and Job_Type dropdown options which are not associated to the Company of the User that is filling in the form, so that the User won’t be able to see the Location and Job Type created by other users from other companies. Basically, I’d need to conditionally hide some dropdown options depending on which user is filling the form.

I have been trying to search around but it seems like not possible to do it with the existing Softr features. Do you know if there is any NoCode workaround?
Else, could you please share what would be your recommendation to resolve this problem? i.e. snipping a powerful external form Custom Code block, or a DIY HTML+CSS+Javascript form page linked via API to Airtable?

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I don’t think this is possible yet, but if it is, please keep me in the loop - same problem!

Use fillout dot com to create your forms and dont use softr forms ever. that way you never have to worry about anything!

Thanks for sharing this. Fillout dot com has a template ‘House rental application form’ which is what I’m looking for. So please Softr make those multiple choice fields available soon!

They don’t have a conditional form either

Not sure if this is what you need, but on fillout, under “Advanced” you can filter which records are shown when looking them up.

+1 on this topic. There needs be conditional in softr forms that are mapped to linked records in Airtable.

Without this, users will be able to see data about other users since there is no way to filter out linked records in another table based on an Id, the same way you can use conditionals to filter records in tables/lists etc.

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+1 on this topic.
@Suzie , is there an ETA for this feature in Softr development plan?
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I asked support in a chat and they said this option will be available in February 2024. I hope it will

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Well, we are already on february 2024. is it ready yet?

Nothing yet. I am really waiting

They deployed a new update with the new feature “Data Restriction” but nothing yet regarding the conditional filtering of dropdown fields. I can see on the road map that it is not in progress. It is under the “NEXT” section

They have been saying this is coming since 2021 and even before, I would not hold my breath. for the win.

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@andy, @kelshaer, @maestro and all this is now possible via Global data restrictions – Softr Help Docs

Hello @artur ,
I captured the brief availability of the feature before it transitioned to the Business subscription tiers. I was fortunate to explore it during this limited timeframe; however, I faced challenges in configuring it to restrict options in a dropdown field within a List action button. Based on my observations, data restriction primarily focuses on controlling view/edit/create and delete actions for specific records through conditional logic.
On a different note, could you kindly elucidate the upcoming feature, “Restrict dropdown options based on conditional” that is shown in my previous reply? It appears to align perfectly with our needs, and I am eager to determine if it caters to our specific requirements.

Hi @kelshaer

The global data restriction would be globally restricting drop-down values as well if you have defined conditions for the records/table that fill in the drop-down values.

The one you have in the picture will be the same thing but locally restricting a view of options/records on the given instance of dropdown.