Conditional buttons

Hi everyone,

I’m building a system which allows clients to approve stages of a product manufacturing process. So, the product can’t go into production until there is an approval set.

To do this, I have a client portal with a list of products, and a details screen for each. I’d like to add an action button to Approve a product, which is easy enough. However, if a product is already approved, I don’t want to show the button - because it’s already done.

Is there any way to do this no-code? If not, with code?



Hey @NikW,

Yes, you can show or hide the buttons easily on Professional plan, there is the button visibility option.

Simply set it :slight_smile:

Hi Suzie - I can see I can set if based on a user type. But can I set it based on a particular field value from AirTable?

Yes you can, @NikW :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, I’ll have a look :eyes:

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