Complex Order Fulfilment

Hello all,

I have a website for love letters created by AI.

The user can generate and see the love letter.

When they find a result they like I want them to select it and be able to checkout. This means they pay and enter mailing details.

Limitations have led me to believe this is best done in a three step process:

  1. User selects the love letter they want to send
  2. User pays
  3. Use completes order details

It is not until the user completes the order details will the automation for the fulfilment begin. (It means they can pay without the order actually being complete).

The challenge is that the data doesn’t persist across screens, so unlike Glide or Adalo in the form field I can’t populate the original love letter the selected to checkout. How would I add this original love letter they want to check out to the form?



@dominiconorton few questions:

  1. User selects the love letter they want to send - is this a details page ? (can I play with the app any link you can share with me ?)

can’t we do reverse user fills details submits form you trigger zapier/make that generates payment link as a result and we redirect to payment page ?


If you go from letter to order details form then you can put letterId and user email as a hidden field into the form via our form hidden fields… then after the form submit you can open the checkout page and if user pays you will have user email and payment in stripe… with those and with make + stripe + airtable you can connect all dots. Let me know if this helps

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