Community Platforms using Softr

Hi, I am desperate for your opinion and help after a year of trying to figure it out.

We are using Softr as our Community platform of The Female Forum. We are looking for the best way to manage applications of members, process applications (accept / reject) and then bring them onto the Softr platform. Looking to chat to an expert on that. thank you

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Hi Nora!

Welcome to our community. This can be done many different ways.

I would personally create a couple user groups (members, non-members and admin)

After anyone signups, they go to the application page (using page rules)

At the end of the form, that new user is still in (non-member). Then the form entry submits a new application and links the user to the form using hidden fields.

In an admin page (only visible user group admin), you can have a listing block display all applications where “accepted = No”. From there, you can accept or deny the applications.

Once you accept the application, you can create an automation in Airtable to send them an email of the updated status, and also update a record on the user table saying that their application has been accepted, which will automatically move them into user group - members.

From there, they should be able to login and access the forum properly. Hope this helps!

Hi @Nora
Workflow proposed by @Jjenglert would be good enough but if you need a free consultation for a feedback just drop me a message and I will be happy to help.

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