Communities that integrate with your app

Anyone here who has managed to integrate a community like Slack,, or similar seamlessly into their Softr App directly with single sign on?

I want to keep people on the platform and not forward them somewhere else or have them fill out two seperate member profiles.

Would be incredible if that was possible, looking for inspiration :slight_smile:

We did something like that with help of Make automations.

  1. Users account creation starts in our Community Platform app (we use Heartbeat)
  2. A Make automation syncs their details (Name, Email, Profile Description etc) to Airtable
  3. Make automation creates Softr account based on user details (Name, Email)
  4. Softr reads user profile description from Airtable
  5. Users maintain their user profile in the Softr app environment (we disabled editing the user profile inside Heartbeat)
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That is amazing!
How does it work with setting up your password on the Softr app?
And do you synch changes to the profile back to Heartbeat then whenever a change has been made via Softr?
Finally, can you integrate Heartbeat on a page on that same Softr app? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply.

For password, we have the ‘Code by Email’ sign-in, instead of users setting their own passwords.

Profile updates via Softr are indeed synced back to Heartbeat with an automation in Airtable (using a script action step).

Nope, Heartbeat can’t be embedded inside a Softr page. So it opens in a new browser tab. But it does have the same domain the softr app though.

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No problem at all!
Thanks so much for the reply!