Comments Block "Something went wrong"

I’m not sure what is going on with this one, but all of a sudden, I cannot get the comments block to work if I set it to sync to a data source in airtable. It was working with the exact same configuration before so I don’t think it is a problem with how I have it setup (unless something changed). The only error I get is the generic “something went wrong!” error but the console shows a GET 400 error:

The comment block works fine if I don’t sync the source, but I would like to sync the data to Airtable to be able to have a record of all the comments across the site.

I’m seeing this across all of my blocks now.

I’m also seeing this on all of my dynamic blocks as of 10 minutes ago! Everything was working 15 minutes ago

Mine JUST began working again!

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Back in business here as well.

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Comment block is still not working for me. All the rest are working.

Dear @Derek, can you please share a Magic link and your app URL where I will see the comments block so that I can help you?

@Marine.Hovhannisyan Here is a link (no magic link required):

Hey @Derek, thanks for the link. I am checking the error with our tech team, will keep you updated!

Hey @Derek, the reason why you see the error message is that the Comment date mapping field type should be DateTime in Airtbale instead of what you have configured currently. As soon as you change it and publish the app, the error should be gone.

@Marine.Hovhannisyan Thank you! That is working now. At first, I still couldn’t get it to work when I switched it to a date field in Airtable, but then I realized the “include time” checkbox had to be toggled on for it to work. FYI for anyone else who might be having the same issue looking at this in the future.

Dear @Derek, you are always welcome!

And, thank you too for the insight, it will be definitely very useful for the other users!