Comments Block not working

Good morning,
There’s a new update for Comments block (Changeable header tag for block title) but when I updated it this is what i see:

And the message “Something went wrong”. I can’t edit or delete this block either.
Thank you

Hey @laurasalgueroo,

We have a temporary glitch and it should be fixed now.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

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@Suzie Not sure if this is related, but now all of my comments that are syncing to Airtable show “Deleted User”. They were working yesterday but now they are not. These users have not been deleted (in Airtable or Softr).

I have tried remapping the fields and deleting and re-adding the comment block and it still has the issue for all comments.

Hey @Derek,

I see this now, can you please confirm if you still face this issue, if yes, please contact us via support chat, this is something that should be checked and fixed ASAP.


Hey @Derek,

And if you could DM a magic link for me to check, that would be great.

@Suzie I found a solution to my problem

HI @Derek I’m experiencing the same issue. How did you fix it? Thanks in advance for your advice!

Hey @rebeccajane, I noticed that at some point Softr changed the CommenterID mapping from the email address to the recordid for the user. In the light of that I went through all of the older comments that showed an email address in the CommenterID field in airtable and changed them to the user’s recordid from airtable. As soon as I did that, it fixed the issue.

Genius thanks @Derek. I made the change and it’s working now. Thanks again!

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@suzie can you share the spot where we can see updates or changes to blocks (that we haven’t manually updated ourselves)? As these platform wide updates could be impacting the front end display for our users and we can’t look at every page each day. Thanks!

Hey @rebeccajane,

The details about the updates are being sent via newsletter when the updates are released.

Separately, we do not have such a public page where you can check all of the details about the update.

Hi @suzie thanks for your reply. Hmm okay I don’t see this block update details in the newsletter from April or May or on the ‘Whats New’ page. How should we monitor block updates (that we don’t update ourselves) if they aren’t in newsletters or on the ‘what’s new’ page?