CommenterID is mapped differently on new patch for Commenter Block

Before, commenterID mapping seems like it would grab the a hidden recordID of the logged in user and map it onto a linked field.

Now what it does is it just pulls the email and forces it into Airtable, creating a blank user with only their email as their name.


If I don’t update and use my old comments block, it works fine.

Updating comments block will create the issue.

These are using the same exact mappings.

You’re right, this is an issue I already showed to the Softr team, and it impeaches me to update the comments block.

@artur Exactly what I wrote you in Slack about the comments block update.

Would be a benefit to go back to the id populating the field instead of the user email.

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We will provide a fix next week


Hi @artur is there an update on this? Thanks!

We will push an update this week. It will be using the recordId as before


Amazing. Thanks for the update @artur ! Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @artur just wanted to check in and see when this is expected to be changed or updated? Thanks so much!

@artur I second this - would be great to pull in the user and also the record name and not ID, to a linked field instead of a text field as it did in the first release.

Any updates on making this showing linked content instead of text data?

Hey, folks sorry for the delay we have the solution ready and it’s being tested now. We have many deployments scheduled :slight_smile: I expect this one to go live next Tuesday or Friday.

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that when the Commenter ID/Current Record are linked fields in Airtable you are able to show the Comments on Softr without any issues.

It has been fixed now :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your patience.