CommenterID is mapped differently on new patch for Commenter Block

Before, commenterID mapping seems like it would grab the a hidden recordID of the logged in user and map it onto a linked field.

Now what it does is it just pulls the email and forces it into Airtable, creating a blank user with only their email as their name.


If I don’t update and use my old comments block, it works fine.

Updating comments block will create the issue.

These are using the same exact mappings.

You’re right, this is an issue I already showed to the Softr team, and it impeaches me to update the comments block.

@artur Exactly what I wrote you in Slack about the comments block update.

Would be a benefit to go back to the id populating the field instead of the user email.

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We will provide a fix next week


Hi @artur is there an update on this? Thanks!

We will push an update this week. It will be using the recordId as before


Amazing. Thanks for the update @artur ! Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @artur just wanted to check in and see when this is expected to be changed or updated? Thanks so much!