Collapse filters on a list block for mobile

Hi there,

I have created several different filters for my list block to allow users to filter by things like location, day of the week, price, category etc. and on desktop it works great.

However my issue is on mobile the filters take up the whole screen and I rather on mobile people just use the search bar. Is there a way for the filters to be hidden in an accordion until a user interacts with them?


I would go with collapse - uncollapse the filter, search segment on mobile or web. It would look sharp and allow User to view more data per page!

For this reason I’ve hidden filters altogether from Mobile. On a listing page, everything above the fold would consist of filters. Ideally they’d be hidden behind a ‘Filters’ button instead.

Hi @Marc, that sounds like exactly the kind of thing I am looking for. Do you have any more information on how to get this result? thanks!

Hi @Anna, you can have a block for desktop devices only and another one for mobile. You can configure that in the Visibility settings of a block.

Hi @DavidM, Thanks for the suggestion but I already have this setup. That is not the issue. I don’t need to switch off the filters for mobile. I just want to be able to collapse them down on mobile so they don’t take up so much space.

Got it. That’s something we will need to add as an option in the future. I will share this with the team.

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In case a visual helps the case @DavidM

Just want to put all those filters behind a collapsible button essentially. At the moment multiple filters on mobile are just not user friendly.

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How did you hide the filter? The solution described below of having 2 list blocks one for desktop and one for mobile is not ideal.