ClimateHub - democratizes Climate Tech and enables you to find the best solution to meet your climate & sustainability goals

Dear all,

I’m proud to announce I have built a ClimateHub on Softr!

It’s a directory/marketplace/hub for climate tech solutions.

Today, Climate tech companies are working on decarbonizing the global economy and creating new profitable business models while also mitigating climate impacts.

Given this new approach to the problem, it is not surprising that the climate tech vertical is highly fragmented and encompasses a diverse ecosystem of disparate providers at different stages of technological maturity.

I created ClimateHub since I strongly believe that energy transition cannot be hindered by decision-makers being overwhelmed by the complexity of the solutions. I want to promote the best technologies and practices and establish a network effect to transfer learnings and scale.

Curious to hear your thoughts on this!


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Absolutely love this! We have been seeing quite a few Softr builds related to climate and climate tech. I am all for using no code for social impact. Well done! :clap:


Hi Mateusz,

I love this project, so good to see another climate project on Softr! Do you also have a link?

I am launching in the coming weeks.
It helps you live the most sustainable lifestyle possible with our collection of resources for individual climate action. Some resources include a search engine for sustainable product alternatives, a list of books on climate change, communities, podcasts, newsletters, deals and more. (
Would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe we could even partner up.

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Here is the link

Absolutely Simon! Your project sounds exciting as well and definitely has potential.
Shall we continue the discussion? You can reach me at


Thank you. Just connected:)

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Very nice app! And glad to see Plan A being promoted :wink: