Client Portal Complications

Hi Softr Community

I am building a client portal and have 6 projects with 6 clients.

Problem number one is 2 projects should be visible to 1 particular client.

So if I am using one block to display the data, the 2 projects will be jumbled in together if the client can view both projects.

Are there any ways round this? Can I create a button on the page before which loads only 1 project’s data?

Thank you

Hi Jimmy,
You need to use conditionnal filters in order to make it work, no need for button creation. It will work with just the needed blocks.

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Is there a simple filter where I can just show records to a user where that user’s email is present?

That should look like this (if your Airtable setup is correct)
“email”(the field where the email is) “is” “loggedin’user email”