Client Portal - Assessment Questions

I have two issues I am hoping people can help with:

  1. I have a client portal that will present a questionnaire, with multiple question types, i.e. yes/no, document upload, free text. The client responds to each one in turn. I am unsure on the best way to approach this - conditional forms will not work as we need multiple people to be able to feed into the questionnaire and save progress. Also, the responses change based on question type and I cannot figure out (without just creating several buttons and making them conditional) how to achieve this cleanly.

  2. I would like some of the questions to be conditional based on a previous answer, i.e. if Q8 is yes, skip to Q10 - Again I cannot see how to make this conditional.

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Can anybody help with this one please?

Hi Slears,

Even though you say that a conditional forms will not work, i think it actually will work unless there is context that i am unaware of. The page is generated for each individual instance. So multiple people filling in the forms wont be a problem. Once the final submit button is pressed (i.e. after the last question), only then the response is send to your endpoint (dataset in airtable or webhook etc.) Because you are using a conditional form it will be very easy to help your users navigate through the questionaire based on their responses. Its what it was designed for. You might have to get creative in the logic steps.

The one thing i do think will be difficult with conditional forms is to save and come back later to finish the form. Becuase the bundle of data and answers is only submitted after the last question, you wont be able to store it easily for when the page is refreshed. Can you go without this feature and just request them to finish it in 1 go?

Thanks for the response.

If you think of the task I am trying to achieve like working through an assessment, with maybe three people inputting to their individual section, with different question types possibly in each.

Two may come in today and answer some questions, then the third may only come in next week to answer theirs.

I need the answers to be saved as they respond, given that they may have 50 questions to answer.

Where are you storing the responses?