Client Approvals?!?!

I’ve got an airtable with a “clients” table and a “cases table”. When we receive a clients design file we want to add it to the clients “case” and automatically notify them that we have it and need their approval. What is the best way to go about doing this?

So far I’ve tried using airtable automations to internally send out an email with a link to the record however this requires to client to sign up for airtable (deal breaker)

I’ve also tried adding a checkbox field to their case list detail however it only displays as a " - " instead of a checkbox (this is in preview mode…could that be why)?

I’ve also started dabbling with zapiers as a last resort but so far that isn’t a perfect solution yet either.

I feel like I must be missing something obvious since so many people use AT + Softr for client portals.

Oh and I also came across a Jamie Kane video that might be a solution, however it is a bit involved.

@Dustin Do I assume correctly that when the file is being uploaded (via softr form to airtable) then automation runs and email is sent? I assume in the softr app you can have a detail page with recordId in the URL that you can create in Airtable as a formula and then send in an email? then the user can come in log in to Softr and update the status?

Thanks for the reply Artur.

I think I’ve scrapped my original plan. I was thinking maybe I could send an automated email from airtable with a checkbox or single select embedded for the client to use for approving designs.

However now I’m trying to automate an email that includes the clients magic-link so they can open their record and approve for reject from there. Everything is working nicely with this approach except that when dynamically inserting the magic link it won’t open to their softr case detail page. I get this message

"Something went wrong…

It seems your magic link is no longer valid. Please, contact your administrator."

However when I click the link in my airtable base it opens just fine. Any insights?

Most probably then it’s getting broken in the email itself. Can you compare the link in the email vs the link in airtable ?


This is the prefix of the one that works:

This is the prefix of the one that doesn’t work:

I cut the end of the link off as not to share too much info.

Seems like “preview” is getting trimmed out of the link.

I am injecting the magic-link into the automated email via a rollup field with an Arrayjoin() formula.

ARRAYJOIN({magic_link (from confirm_doctors_email)}, ", ")

This is happening as you are using preview mode to test and using publish mode’s URL for Formula field I think. You can for time being use preview URL also in the formula then change when going live

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