Clickable tag, linking to another softr page


I’m building a scientific paper list, with a page for the details.
The source is airtable.

I’ve added as a “type” → “tag” a couple of fields.
In example, the researchers collaborated to this paper are shown as tags.
The tags are link to another table in airtable.
The current behaviour is that the whole “entry” is clickable, but open the paper detail.
I’ve tried to verify if actionable buttons can be used, but seems not (to me)

As a reproducer, you can try to access:
and click on the tag “Tess Levy” (on the left).
You can observe that all the tags move directly to the paper details.

What i would like to have is to have the tags “clickable”, which either filter the data on the current view, or open (somewhat) the researcher page.

How can i achieve this goal?


I also agree that having the option to map tags to a link source can enhance user experience in our projects, but for now, you must experiment with custom code to get this done.

I have overlooked the answer, sorry about that.
Do you mind to point me to an example of using custom code for this purpose?

Sure, here is a working demo:


thank you very much,
any snipped that can be pasted to start thinking about it?