Click on List Blocks, should send info about context to form afterwards

Hello softr community!

I’ve been working on making a booking system for beauty services and i have a problem that i havent been able to make it work, the case is:

1- The main page of website has a List Block that shows the services.

2- Once that services is clicked it sends the visitor to “List-details”

3- In the “List-details” page it shows all the details of such service, and beneath this block i have another “list block” that is conditional filtered to show only available spots to schedule the appointment that are relevant to the Services that is being detailed, this list hast 2 inline filters one for the day, and the available hours:

4- So the context right now is, the visitor is on the “List-details” webpage, meaning we know what services visitor wants, we have the specific Hour slots that are relevant to such Service showing in the list block.

So we have defined: Service, exact date and hour visitor wants to schedule.

5- We’re missing then the visitors name, phone, mail, etc. So we should use a form to get that information, so what im trying to make is to prefill this form, that is the next step, so when visitor clicks on specific time slots, the form is prefilled with such time slot, and the service that visitor is interested in. So visitor can continue to fill the rest of the information.

How can this be posible?

In airtable i can make a formula in the time slot field to redirect people who clicks on it, to go to the form prefilled with record id of time slot, but, HOW CAN THAT CLICK KNOWS IT COMES FROM THE SPECIFIC SERVICE THAT LIST IS LIVING??? This is killing my mind!

Need a brain! haha thanks!

If this works, this will chage my life for sure.


If you have setup this time slots on airtable on a separate table named ‘Time slots’ where name of the record be like ‘15 de junio jueves a las 1:10pm’ and also the table has a linked record from table ‘Services’ to gather the associated service, then when user clicks on the desired time slot he/she will be taken to the list details of the time slot, on that page I imagine you have a form where the user will enter his personal information. During the config of that form, you must add a field of type hidden to collect the record id of the time slot.

Then after the user submits the form, look on your airtable table ‘customers’ you will find all the details that the users had entered and also the reserved time slot and service

Thank you for your replay, i understand your proposal and it would work if the time slot available only was able to handle one type of service, but since this is a manicure table or bed for lashes. every work station has the possibility to handle several services, so this makes the case a bit harder.

What do you think about it?

That case becomes a little more challenging, but if after any given service is associated with a service, and the only pending info is whether is a table or bed, I believe the customer should have no problem confirming this information when entering their personal details.

Thanks for your Answer, yes, thats an option, that the client, while is checking the final form, booking the hour can again select the service she wants, but, this will be shown as a list of 20+ services, and this UX is absurd since the visitor already selected the service she wanted when got on the website. The flow is:

Services Menu > Service details > Booking the hour for such service > form to complete contact information.

What you suggest is adding again the selecting service option in the final form, thats not very UX ok to me… it kills me that the list block click is not able to send the context information… Just copying the url from the website that is lying would be enough because that way the formula field in airtable can take the record ide from the service that visitor is watching and send it to the final form.

Do i explain myself? Thank you!

Please consider that I am just trying to imagine or picture your backend setup. At first, I believed that every time slot had an associated service to it as a linked record on airtable, and it turns out that it hasn’t.

For now that would be my only advice, work the logic for your time slots to have a service linked record. And if there is an extra value field for the customer to choose being ‘table’ or ‘bed’ then user wouldn’t have any trouble confirming this on the last step.

I believe there have to be services that can be defined as either ‘table’ or ‘bed’ right on the initial slot-service setup.

I tell you this because I have worked on scheduling app for similar woman’s care business, and I had to anticipate to my customer decisions. However my approach was using only airtable. No front end yet.

I have videos on youtube showcasing this appointments airtable app, but they are all in spanish

Gracias amigo, de hecho mi primer idioma es español.

Agradezco tu interés en ayudarme a encontrar una solución para este obstáculo que presento en el desarrollo de la app.

Basado en tu respuesta y en la misma conclusión que yo llegué al probar esto por todos lados, considero que es necesaria esta implementación, de que el click de las opciones de List Block que presenta softr deben poder enviar el URL de la página en la que están anidados, similar a los formularios, que ya ofrecen esta funcionalidad por ejemplo.

Volviendo a intentar sobrepasar este obstáculo, lo que debo aclararte además es que en la mesa de manicure, por ejemplo, se hacen varios servicios de manicure, servicios que pueden tomar desde los 30 minutos hasta las 3 horas 30 minutos. Significando que sólo la elección de la categoría del servicio no es suficiente para determinar el servicio que eligió, es necesaria información más detallada que existe en el /Servicedetails page y en su contexto:


Se te ocurre alguna otra idea?

Un gusto conocer amigos hispanos en softr ! (Pero voy a continuar en inglés, por si otros miembros de la comunidad encuentran valor en este tópico)

Collecting values from fields spread across different pages and forms, and consolidate these values into one final form has no native support, and I have seen this limitation being call in some other posts, and I haven’t seen any announcement to address this functionality.

I have managed to accomplish tasks like this, inside softr, only by making use of a more robust form handling app like for example