"click" an Airtable Button field

I have an Airtable table with a Button field (called “Create Document”) which opens a URL “https://…&record_id=”& RECORD_ID()
I have a Softr List block based on this Airtable table. I want to “click” the “Create Document” button field in airtable through Softr… ideally through a one-click update. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance

From my Softr GPT buddy. https://chat.openai.com/g/g-4Oc228mn2-softr-airtable-make-stripe-app-builder

Hello! What you’re looking to achieve is essentially triggering an action in Airtable through a Softr interface. While Softr provides a great way to display and interact with data from Airtable, it doesn’t inherently support the direct triggering of Airtable’s Button fields. However, you can work around this by setting up a system that mimics the button click action.

Here’s a general approach:

  1. Custom Button in Softr:
  • Instead of directly using the Airtable Button field, you can create a custom button in your Softr List block. This button would be linked to a specific URL or action that you want to trigger when clicked.
  1. Webhook or API Endpoint:
  • When the custom button in Softr is clicked, it should trigger a webhook or call an API endpoint. This can be set up using Make (formerly Integromat) or Airtable Automations.
  1. Make (Integromat) or Airtable Automation:
  • Use Make or Airtable Automations to listen for the webhook/API call. When it receives a request, it can then perform the desired action. In your case, this would involve creating a document or performing whatever action is set up in the original Airtable Button field.
  1. Action Execution:
  • The automation would use the record_id passed from Softr to identify the correct record in Airtable and perform the necessary actions on it.
  1. Feedback to User (Optional):
  • Optionally, after the action is completed, you can send a confirmation back to Softr or update a status field in Airtable that Softr can display, letting the user know that the document has been created.

This approach requires some setup, especially in configuring the webhook/API and the automation in Make or Airtable. But once set up, it will allow users to initiate actions in Airtable directly from the Softr interface. Keep in mind that this setup may not be “instantaneous” due to the nature of webhooks and automation, but it usually works fairly quickly.

If you need more detailed steps for any part of this process, feel free to ask!

@BB-Bacuti, I would try using Airtable Automation for this purpose so that when the “Update all” button is used, the automation triggers the button click.