Clean data entry user profile company name

After creating their username, I’d like the user to enter their company. Traditionally, this is where we have issues. If 2 users work for ACME, and one lists it as ACME, the other as ACME, Inc, I now have two different versions of the same company.

What’s a good workaround?

A few we have tried:

  1. Company is not editable and is a lookup field based on domain, but we have some domains (say gmail) that throw things off.
  2. They get a company “code” and have to use it instead. Getting this code to the user is cumbersome.

Another note, I don’t really want them to choose from a dropdown. I don’t want them to see all the other companies who are part of the organization.

Unless you work some sort of AI you will have to manually review every submission and merge companies from time to time.

Listing a company wouldn’t necessarily imply that the company is doing business with you, in case you want to let the users search for companies…it will be just a convention for listing companies and finding names.

Then you can have a premium list of the companies or employees that actually are doing business with you.