checkbox error in the edit function

I’ve added an ‘Edit’ button under ‘ACTIONS’ in a list-details view and set the input type to checkbox. However, when I actually go to edit, the checkbox button does not respond to clicks. The setup is integrated with Airtable, and the field type in Airtable that I’ve mapped to is correctly set as a checkbox. How can I resolve this issue?

Hi @sharon thanks for taking a moment to post here, and welcome to our community!

Can you post a screenshot here of the edit action that you’re discussing? Until then, I assume your checkbox field is using a Yes or No? When adding that value in Softr, make sure the case sensitivity is the same as the values in Airtable.

Also, contacting support by clicking on the chat bubble in the lower right might be a faster way to get help for this issue!

Either way, welcome again to our community!