Chat function among users? Tool?

Hey guys,

Has anyone come across a no-code tool that I can plug into Softr to enable a chat function among users? Ideally, just some chat box that sends the user an email + message on the platform and they can opt in and out?

It would be such a game changer!

Currently, I just have a Slack channel and I need to allocate the users’ Slack IDs. It’s pretty bad, and barely anyone uses it because of that.

Maybe someone has come across something?

I am also researching and looking for a solution about this feature. I am wondering whether any expert or Softr team member here know if it would be possible to integrate Sendbird into a Softr app?

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Checkout I have done a successful implementation. You can modify the chatbot as per your use-case. Through direct Airtable integration, you can detect the logged-in user and pass information to the bot by designing the bot or integrating openAI with it. We’ve done the latter as that suited our use-case better (we also wanted the chat transcript back in airtable which is not there yet in Zapier Interface Chat Beta - which can also be explored.)

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Hey @Tim_ClimatEU,

You can also check Atom Chat or 1:1 Chat Setup.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Tim is referring to a P2P chat, not a chatbot. So users can chat with other users


Yess, exactly!

Aah, awesome! Thank you so much @Suzie ! Somehow I hadn’t found this.

I made a list now of all services I could find, will give it a spin and will comment here if one of them worked for me.

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Hey Tim – have you had any luck with this? I’m looking for something similar and ideally with a group chat functionality as well.

After looking at Atom Chat again I remember why I didn’t go with it – the UI is so ugly!

Hey :slight_smile:

I’m currently looking at adding as a community page to my website and to enable chats that way. The one thing I’m still trying to figure out is how to open a chat with someone from the Softr website directly on Circle then.

Thanks Tim! I can’t seem to figure out what is exactly. Either way I’m hoping Softr eventually builds something like this. I’m starting to eye Bubble as an alternative though it might be a beast effort to switch with the learning curve.